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The causes and treatment methods of valve leakage

2018/07/04 16:32

If the valve and seat part of the valve seat part of the seal, if the leakage occurs beyond the rated range, then the loss of the medium will lead to the destruction of the sealing material. In the case of the case, the sealing surface of the safety valve is mainly made up of metal material, and it is smooth and smooth, but in the case of two pressure media, it is not possible to be strictly sealed and not leak. Therefore, under rated pressure, the safety valve with steam as medium can be detected by naked eye and ear. And the main reasons for valve leakage are the following two points: (1) the appearance of dirt and debris on the sealing surface, and the original sealed plane is blocked off, so that there is a gap between the valve core and the valve seat, which leads to the leakage of the valve. To solve this problem, dirt is usually on the sealing surface. When the boiler is temporarily stopped for maintenance, it is necessary to test the safety door first. If there is any leakage, it is necessary to overhaul it. The interval between running weights is 20 minutes after complete cooling. (2) breakage of the sealing surface. There are many reasons, such as: first, the materials used for sealing are not qualified. After years of use of a safety valve, the strength of the sealing surface is weakened, resulting in the weakening of the sealing capacity. The proposal to solve this problem is to reduce the original seal surface and make two processing and welding according to the original drawings to enhance the hardness and strength of the surface. And pay attention to surface damage, do not be careless. The two is the quality of maintenance. Due to poor level of maintenance, the spool and valve seat can not reach a certain level in the grinding process. The solution is to repair the sealing surface as far as possible by means of grinding, even turning, depending on the severity of the damage. Three is improper assembly or error in the size of the parts. In the whole assembly, the valve core is not fully aligned with the seat, or there is a serious light transmission problem on the surface. It is also possible that the seal of the valve core and seat is too loose to really be sealed. The solution is to strictly check the size and distribution of the length and length of the gap near the valve core, and to ensure that the gap between the parts can not be lifted and the width of the sealing surface is properly reduced in accordance with the data on the drawing.