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The superior performance of the desktop multifunction oscillator is very popular among small partners.

2018/07/04 16:35

The desktop multifunction oscillator enables it to extend its useful life beyond its excellent working condition. The instrument should do a regular review every three months during the period of work: check whether there are drops of water, dirt, etc. into the generator and the mastering components; review the safety wire, master the components and fasten the screws. The instrument is of floor type, the bottom of the center of the parts, and it is bumpy and reliable in successive oscillation. The bearing of the whole transmission has been filled with excessive smooth fat before the exit. The instrument should add a smooth fat every six months in the period of work, and the filling amount is about 1/3 of the bearing time. The use of intelligent display measure to ensure accurate temperature control, smooth operation, easy operation insurance, sensor response speed accurate, good sealing and corrosion resistance, common low level protection performance, to ensure that no dry burning, and protect the safety of the sample. System integration technology will directly interfere with the scope and level of the application of instruments and measurement and control science and technology, especially for some large projects and large systems, the automation degree and efficiency of large equipment. It is the information fusion control technology at the level of system level. The desktop multi-function oscillator adopts stainless steel liner and top cover, which is novel and beautiful in shape. The super constant temperature water bath adopts high speed and high performance CPU processing chip, high sensitivity and high precision platinum resistance sensor. It has fixed programming control function of timing opening, timing closure and fixed value work. It is equipped with sensor fault alarm, upper and lower temperature deviation alarm, overtemperature alarm, parameter memory, temperature display correction, self calibration. Diagnostic dynamic control technology can realize remote control of instrument and wireless communication alarm system.