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The desktop multi-function oscillator has excellent performance, which is very popular with young friends


The table type multi-function oscillator makes it work well and can extend the service life of the instrument. During the successive working period of the instrument, a regular review shall be conducted every three months: check whether there are water drops, dirt, etc. falling on the generator and master the components; Check the safety wire, master the components and fastening screws. The instrument is floor mounted, and the center of the part is at the bottom, which is stable during the continuous reciprocating oscillation. All bearings of the transmission system have been filled with excessive grease before going out of the boundary. During the successive operation period of the instrument, the grease should be filled every six months, accounting for about 1/3 of the bearing time. Intelligent display measuring tools are used to ensure accurate temperature control, stable operation, simple and safe operation, fast and accurate sensor response, excellent sealing and corrosion resistance, and common low liquid level protection performance to ensure no dry burning and protect the safety of samples. System integration technology will directly interfere with the application scope and level of instrumentation and measurement control science and technology, especially has a decisive impact on some large projects, large systems, and the automation degree and efficiency of large equipment. It is an information fusion control technology at the system level. The desk type multi-function oscillator adopts stainless steel liner and top cover, with novel and beautiful appearance. Super thermostatic water bath adopts high-speed and high-performance CPU processing chip, highly sensitive and high-precision platinum resistance sensor, with fixed programming control function of regular startup, regular shutdown, and constant value operation, with sensor fault alarm, upper and lower limit temperature deviation alarm, overtemperature alarm, and parameter memory; Temperature display correction and self diagnosis dynamic control technology can realize remote control of the instrument and wireless communication alarm system.

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