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What should be paid attention to during valve installation and construction?


1、 Construction operation
Care must be taken during installation and construction to avoid hitting valves made of brittle materials.    
Before installation
The model and specification of all valves shall be carefully checked to see if they meet the design requirements. (Check whether the valves can be used under the required conditions according to the valve model and factory instructions, and conduct hydraulic or pneumatic test if necessary.)  
In addition, check whether the packing is in good condition, whether the gland bolt has enough adjustment allowance, whether the valve stem and disc are flexible, and whether they are stuck and skewed. (The sealing surface of the valve disc must be closed tightly, and the thread quality of the threaded valves should be checked. Unqualified valves cannot be installed, and should be stacked separately or marked.)        
Remove the sundries in the valve.  
Installation process
When lifting the valve, the rope should not be tied to the handwheel or valve stem to avoid damaging these parts. It should be tied to the flange.    
The pipeline connected to the valve must be cleaned. Compressed air can be used to blow away iron oxide chips, mud sand, welding slag and other sundries. These sundries not only easily scratch the sealing surface of the valve, but also block the small valve to make it invalid.    
When installing the screw valve, the sealing packing (hemp and aluminum oil or PTFE raw material tape) should be wrapped on the pipe thread, and should not get into the valve, so as to avoid the accumulation in the valve and affect the medium flow.    
When installing the flange valve, tighten the bolts symmetrically and evenly. The valve flange and pipe flange must be parallel with reasonable clearance to avoid excessive pressure or even cracking of the valve. Special attention shall be paid to valves with brittle materials and low strength. For valves that must be welded with pipes, spot welding shall be carried out first, then the closing parts shall be fully opened, and then welded.

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